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Cuban Heritage Collection

The Cuban Heritage Collection at the University of Miami Libraries is home to the premier repository of materials of enduring historical, research, and artifactual value on Cuba, located outside the island.

CHC Periodicals

The Cuban Heritage Collection includes thousands of titles of journals, newspapers, magazines, and newsletters published both in and outside Cuba, from colonial times to the present. The digital collection of CHC Periodicals focuses primarily on works published before 1923 that are most unique to our holdings.

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  • Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959- Part 2: Writers
  • Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959- Part 1: “Casa y Cultura”
  • Juilliard Manuscript Collection
  • CQ Congress Collection
  • BAR Digital Collection


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Elizabeth Cerejido
Elizabeth Cerejido

Curator for Cuban Collections

Martin Tsang
Martin Tsang

CHC Librarian, Curator of Latin American Collections

Amanda Moreno
Amanda Moreno

Interim Esperanza Bravo de Varona Chair of the Cuban Heritage Collection and Archivist

Elizabeth (Lisa) Fish
Elizabeth (Lisa) Fish

Associate Dean, Collection Strategies

Arthur Dunkelman
Arthur Dunkelman

Curator, Jay I. Kislak Collection

Research Guides

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  • Afro-Cuban Collections
  • Cuban Genealogy Research
  • Cuban Heritage Collection
  • Cuban Heritage Collection Theater
  • Lydia Cabrera
  • CHC Music Guide
  • Artists' Books
  • 2014 US-Cuba Policy Research Guide
  • The Mariel Boatlift

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Archival Collections

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  • StoryCorps Historias Interviews Collection
  • Immigrant Archive Project Interviews
  • Human Rights Oral History Project
  • Luis J. Botifoll Oral History Project
  • Jim Robinson Photograph Collection
  • Ana Rosa Velazco Collection
  • Cuba Nostalgia Photograph Collection
  • 2014 US-Cuba Policy Change Twitter Archive
  • Felipe Préstamo Collection
  • César Trasobares papers

Theses & Dissertations (Scholarship@Miami)

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  • Acculturation and the "Cuban Presence" at an All-Boys Cuban Catholic School in Miami
  • Charitable giving as obligation or option: An analysis of Cuban alumni and Jewish alumni at a private research university
  • Capturing Every Patron Interaction: The Move from Paper Statistics to an Electronic System to Track the Whole Library

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